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Empowering Canadians with free resources and tools to support their own well-being

Well-being Canada

We are driven by the belief that every person in Canada deserves well-being and access to tools that support positive mental health. Well-being Canada is helping to build a healthier future generation with free resources.

A focus on promotion and prevention

Starting with Canada’s youth, Well-being Canada is helping to build a healthier future generation. Our K-12 program empowers students with the essential skills and tools they need to build resilience, foster self-care habits and translate knowledge into impactful action. As we incorporate social-emotional learning and mental health literacy into the core curriculum nationwide, we break down stigma and equip our youth with formidable competencies, championing their lifelong well-being.

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Watch Martin Luther King III as he addresses youth about the importance of looking after their mental well-being.

What people are saying

In my classroom, I prioritize research-backed ideas and resources that impact my students in positive ways and give them useful strategies. This is what Well-being Canada’s resources do so well. They offer easy-to-use lessons – such as practicing gratitude, mindfulness and resilience and more – to help students feel supported while not being over-burdened.

Jessica A.,
Grade K-3 teacher, Calgary (AB)

We have many staff and students struggling, and we’re trying to give them enough time and consideration to help them feel supported… Thanks to the Well-being Canada resources, I’m learning more about myself and I’m able to impart strategies for students to be able to help themselves. I really believe these resources are making a difference.

Paul B.,
Grade 7/8 teacher, Tara (ON)

We need resources like these to help encourage students to be present, and practice important activities and wellness exercises that help them to feel positive reinforcement – like mindfulness, breathing exercises and well-being activities. Since adopting these resources, our students are talking more about the importance of mental health and well-being.

Poonam S.,
Grade 3 teacher, Brampton (ON)

Youth well-being is important because those with poor mental health struggle in all aspects of their life – personally, socially, academically, psychologically, etc. It affects everything they do. When it comes to supporting youth mental health, we know that knowledge is power. So, the more information we can get that’s practical and relevant to the classroom, the better.

Peter V.,
Grade 9/10 teacher, Canada

With the rise of the social media, students are no longer getting a true picture of what real bodies and what real life looks like.… We need social and emotional learning curriculum like Well-being Canada to help students strengthen their understanding of community, connection, the practice of self-care, and the experiences that strengthen their capacity to be resilient.

Natasha H.,
Grade 6 teacher, St Johns (NL)

As an educator for 23 years, I’m excited to see a well-being resource that starts with our youngest students, helping them understand that their mental well-being is a critical part of their development as learners. I’m thrilled to see a resource that’s developed with experts in the field, based on research and studies.

Jo-Ann D.,
kindergarten teacher, ON

Well-being is one of our biggest challenges right now. Students are feeling so much pressure and anxiety, and it’s manifesting very young. We need to do a better job helping them understand that struggle, strain and stress are part of life – and give them the toolbox they need to deal with them.

Paul B.,
Grade 7/8 teacher, Tara (ON)

Local and regional intervention to support well-being

Confronting this crisis requires collective, concerted efforts and readily accessible, robust resources and services. By providing support to local and regional organizations, we’re addressing the basic foundations of positive mental health and giving people across Canada access to interventions that support their well-being.

Some of the organizations we support:

Ronald McDonald
Habitat for humanity
Cnib foundation
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