Well-being Canada Staff | 12/01/2024 | 2 minutes

Stressed out? Write it down. 

Want to make sense of your thoughts? Try journaling! Want to make sense of your thoughts? Try journaling!

Given the frantic pace of our daily life, it’s not uncommon for our thoughts and emotions to get overwhelming. It can get to the point where our mind becomes a jumble of thoughts and worries, each fighting for our attention throughout the day.  

Enter journaling – a simple tool that can help you make sense of it all.  

Journaling is more than just putting words on paper. It’s a dynamic process that invites introspection and reflection. It helps us create clarity. 

The simple act of putting pen to paper helps transform abstract thoughts into tangible expressions. In a world drowning in here-one-second, gone-the-next digital communication, putting things down on paper can really be a grounding experience. It’s a conversation with yourself – a private dialogue where the judgmental eyes of the world are replaced by the quiet pages of a journal.  

No likes. No emojis. No thumbs up. Just you and the page.

When you really get into it, journaling is a way to explore ideas and emotions that might otherwise remain unquestioned – and that’s important because not everything we think or feel always accurately reflects what’s going on in our lives. Maybe you’re facing anxiety, weighed down by stress, or uncertain about where your future lies? The blank pages of a journal offer a sanctuary in which you can explore your thoughts and create a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Over time, your journal can become a trusted companion. It’s your personal time capsule, capturing all those moments, all those struggles and triumphs, and fostering growth through self-reflection.  

It’s also a permanent record of all the times you faced what you thought were insurmountable problems and came out on top. It’s a way for you to remind yourself just how tough you can be. 

And, best of all, you’re in charge. There are no rules, and no right or wrong way to journal – only the freedom to explore your thoughts and emotions when, where and how you want to.  

So, the next time you’re feeling the weight of the world, put down the phone and reach for a pen and paper. You might just find that the ink begins to offer you clarity, and a whole new sense of calm and control. 


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Photo: Ashlyn Ciara, Upsplash

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