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The importance of social connections

Friends together Friends together

We humans naturally like being with other people, and how we feel inside is connected to how well we get along with others. Even though, post-COVID, we tend to spend more times doing things by ourselves, it’s really important to understand and make time for good relationships with others.

Getting Help and Being Strong

Having good relationships with friends and family can help us when things are tough. Whether we’re feeling stressed, sad or going through a hard time, having people who care about us acts like a safety net. They can make the difficult things a bit easier and we can come back stronger.

Not Feeling Alone

Sometimes, feeling alone and lonely can make us sad. Having good friendships and connections with others is like having a light that takes away that lonely feeling. When we talk and have good times with friends, it helps us feel like we belong and are connected to others.

Controlling Feelings Better

Talking and sharing our thoughts with others helps us understand and manage our feelings. When we have friends we can talk to, we’ve got a group that supports us and helps us stay emotionally balanced.

Finding a Reason to Be Happy

Good relationships with others give us a sense of purpose and a feeling of fitting in. Whether it’s with friends, family or other community, feeling connected helps us better understand who we are and our place in the world.

Healthy Body and Mind Together

Being with others isn’t just good for our feelings; it’s also good for our health. Studies show that having strong friendships can make us less stressed and even help our bodies stay healthier.

In a world where we’re too often head-down in our phones, making real connections with people is more important than ever. As we go through life’s challenges, let’s remember how important it is to make genuine human connections. By being good friends and valuing these relationships, we not only make our own lives better but also help everyone around us feel happier and healthier.


Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik.

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