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Well-being Canada is answering the call for youth mental health support 

Well-being Canada is answering the call for youth mental health support  Well-being Canada is answering the call for youth mental health support

We’re not a happy country right now.

We’re stressed, anxious and lonely. COVID isolation hit us all hard, and we’re still not over it. Add on financial fears, the grief and anguish of watching human suffering in conflicts around the world, and the ideological division and hate that’s afflicting society and you have the perfect storm for unhappiness.

It’s little surprise that from 2012 to 2022, rates of anxiety and depression have doubled. And if adults have it bad, young Canadians have it even worse. Among young women 15 to 24, the rate of anxiety disorders has tripled, according to a 2023 Statistics Canada study on mental health and access to mental health supports.

Young Canadians consistently report feeling more lonely than previous generations. For example, another Statistics Canada study found that, over the last six years, the sense of hopefulness about the future among youth has dropped 15 percentage points. Just 40 percent of young adults reported high levels of life satisfaction in late 2022.

We constantly hear from the young people, parents and educators we work with that they are desperate for anything that will help support the mental health and well-being of the young people in their lives. They need tools and resources to build resilience, foster self-care habits and translate knowledge into impactful action.

That’s the reason for Well-being Canada. 

Well-being Canada is an initiative for educators offering support and free resources that empower teachers to create a safe and inclusive learning environment that allows youth to support their own well-being. It’s a science-based curriculum toolkit that helps teach practical skills, resulting in improved self-management, social and self-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. 

When youth start out with a social-emotional foundation, it helps lessen the impact of mental health challenges later in life. In turn, it reduces the burden on already overwhelmed mental health intervention and treatment resources.

Every Canadian deserves happiness, and Well-being Canada aims to ensure that every Canadian who wants it can have access to free tools and resources early in life.

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